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This 5-panel cap features the combination of 100% organic cotton twill + faux suede + rope for a clean, unique, wear-everywhere hat. Showcasing our favorite mandala logo pressed into a faux suede patch.


Available in Grey body with Suede Bill

High Crown | 5 Panel | Faux suede strap with metal buckle closure | Curved Visor | Faux Suede Patch | Visor Rope

100% Organic Cotton Twill + Faux Suede Visor

Goods for the Woods that are good for the woods. 

Why Organic Cotton? By supporting clothing made with organic cotton you are voting with your dollar *for* clean, natural growth of crops & *against* heavy use of gnarly pesticides that eventually run off into our water ways. Organic cotton is not only softer & longer lasting but drastically cleaner for our Earth.