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Oahe Work Jac- Vintage Denim
Oahe Work Jac- Vintage Denim
Oahe Work Jac- Vintage Denim
Dovetail Workwear

Oahe Work Jac- Vintage Denim

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$ 109.00

That jacket you always had to go to the men's section for? We made it for you. Meet the indigo version of the Oahe. Like its sister, it's deceptively rugged looking, but amazingly stretchy and comfortable. Oahe is the Lakota word for "foundation"—a name suggested to us by the women of the Lakota-owned DX Ranch in South Dakota. The Oahe Work Jac rounds out our DX Ranch collection: foundational pieces that bring performance to the range, but feel at home in the city. Laid back but stocked up, the all-purpose Oahe crosses all terrain. This heavy-weight denim presents as a vintage denim piece on the outside, and shows a fun pop of color on the inside due to the space-dyeing technique used in weaving the fabric. Oversized girlfriend fit sits easy, but subtle tailoring steers clear of frumpy. Layer up, ride on.

  • Oversized girlfriend fit. So comfy.
  • Armpit gussets. Range free.
  • Reinforced elbows. Stay sharp.
  • 7 pockets. Bring it.
  • Zip pocket. Don't lose your shit.

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