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Puerto Escondido- Hawaiian Shirt
Puerto Escondido- Hawaiian Shirt
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Puerto Escondido- Hawaiian Shirt

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There are certain rules to live by, chief of which is never to pass up on the opportunity to take a trip. Whether you're headed to this beachside hamlet or the far reaches of your mind, it's important to be in the zone. This shirt puts you right smack dab in the middle of it.

Have you ever witnessed someone having a terrible time in a Hawaiian shirt? We didn’t think so... it’s damn near impossible. If there’s a single article of clothing that fully embraces our motto, To Good Times, it is most certainly the Hawaiian shirt. Pull one over your shoulders, take it down a button or three, grab a cocktail, and settle into an island time state of mind.

Ideal Times to Wear It:

  • Sailing into port with the intention of drinking your weight’s worth of umbrella drinks
  • Flirting with that cute hula dancer who couldn’t take her eyes off you at the luau